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The end of the year makes most of us at least a little contemplative, even though – let’s face it – there’s no real difference between Dec 31st and Jan 1st.  This time of year always makes me think of something I heard about a dozen years ago on an episode of Ally McBeal.  [For the record, I did not make a habit of watching the show].  It goes something like this, “When you look back at the year, if it doesn’t bring tears to your eyes – of either joy or sadness – consider the year wasted.”

I’ve never been terribly picky about where my philosophical inspirations come from.  This one has always been a reminder that without risking sadness, you can’t find joy.  And any time that the status quo is “good enough”, it’s probably time to try something new.

2011, for me, has plenty of sadness (a death of a loved one) and frustration (mainly related to work and what free time doesn’t remain).  But there is also joy.  My joy is mostly from the little things (like my small daughter saying, “I love you Daddy.”), but it is the small things that make the biggest difference. 

So Bon Voyage 2011.  If 2012 is any better, I’ll be truly blessed, indeed.


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