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I’m currently nearing completion of the first draft of my next novel.  My goal is to have it completed and ready for e-publication before the end of the year, but there’s lots of editing between here and there (and not just by me!)

This next book, which I’ve yet to come up with an acceptable title for, is darker than Disenchanted.  If Disenchanted is best compared to a work of Madeleine L’engle, then this one could be compared to Neil Gaiman.  (I don’t mean to imply that I am the same caliber of writer, of course, I’m simply referring to tone and overall style).

I’m actually quite surprised that this is the next work that will be completed.  I typically have a number of works in genesis at any time, some that I’m terribly excited by, and some that I’m more indifferent to.   At the time this began, there was one that I’ve pretty thoroughly outlined, and even expect to make a short series of which I was quite excited about.  But it  was this dark book that had the characters coalesce and the plot firm.  From there the writing took off.  Once I’d made enough progress, it became clear that this was the work to push through to completion.  And that is the nature of writing – and reading, I suppose – it isn’t always the most original plot that makes the best story.


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