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As of today, Tor has announced the release date of the final volume of the Wheel of Time series.

January 8, 2013.

As unfortunately was to be expected, most of the comments on Tor’s website are angry and frustrated, blaming Tor, somehow for the “delay”.

I certainly appreciate their impatience to see this long and loved series reach its finale.  But let’s reflect for a moment.  This series has been in publication for over two decades.  Many of us thought that the series would be done before the end of the 20th century.  This won’t even be the longest lag between books, even aside from the time before Sanderson was picked to complete the series.

Some of the comments seemed to imply that the delay was solely for Tor to generate more profits.  Seriously?  Business rule #1: A dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow.  There is no financial incentive to delay – especially given that an earlier release would take advantage of the holiday shopping season.

The last point I’d like to make is this.  The most anxious and impatient fans – the ones who most want to read the book – should be the ones happiest to have the writer, editors and publisher take all the necessary time to ensure that it’s the best work possible.

I, for one, am choosing to be excited.  I heard long ago that the climax was the first part that Robert Jordan had envisioned.  I can’t wait to read the scene that drove him to spend the last two decades of his life writing this series.


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