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I’m waiting for my editor to review the draft of my next (still to be titled) book.  While I do, I’ve turned my attention to one of the other works that I’ve been puttering with.  This is how I typically do my writing – I have one main project and a few that I’m still putting my hands around.  I poke and prod, writing a few pages or a few dozen, until I can decide where it’s going and whether it’s ready to have any real effort put into it.

This particular work had come from a rather simple idea.  And it wasn’t a plot-driving one, just an intriguing bit of how magic should work for this particular world.  That’s a hurdle not to be underestimated in fantasy writing – there has to be a logical system, but it’s too easy to be derivative.  In any case, I’d thrown some cliché elements in (powerful monster/villain, a main character who isn’t ready to face real “adventure”, a more mundane but dangerous and plentiful monster).  As per my post “The Problem with Potter”, he doesn’t have any special powers.  He isn’t a “Chosen One”.  But there was no depth to the story.

Then I had an epiphany.  I’ll be honest that it isn’t anything groundbreaking in fantasy literature, but it let me connect the dots I’d placed together in the story.  The history of this world was suddenly stretched out before me.  It was like one minute I was staring at a painting, and the next I looked up to see the reality in all its splendor.  Most of the details are still foggy, but I know that they are out there to be found. 

By the way, I’m adding a link to my editor’s blog.  I encourage you to visit!


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