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Everyone has works of fiction (whether movies, literature, stage, or even stories told by the campfire) that resonate with them.  These works, especially the ones from our youth, help define who we are, and who we want to be.  As a writer, I’d love to be responsible for that kind of connection to readers.  [As an aside, “trying” to write powerfully moving story is a good recipe for disaster.  If this doesn’t happen organically, it won’t happen at all.]  I thought I’d share some of the works that inspire me as a writer and a person.

I saw the NeverEnding Story in the movie theater when I was pretty young.  I don’t know what I found appealing about it at then, but in the time since I’ve come to appreciate it in many ways that I didn’t comprehend all those years ago.  In many ways, this movie (and the book it is based on) is a celebration of imagination.   At its heart is the message that without dreams – even fanciful ones – we lose ourselves.

The movie is filled with some great moments, but my favorite **Spoiler Alert** is when the movie breaks the 4th wall twice – at the same time.  The characters in Bastian’s book refer not only to Bastian, but also all of us watching the movie!

Along the journey, we also find many lessons:

  1. The hero’s journey is hard, and filled with sacrifice
  2. Even the wisest do not always know the answers
  3. It is always darkest before the dawn
  4. Among the hardest challenges in life are confidence and knowing yourself

I read the book years later.  Although I enjoyed it, I didn’t feel the resonance I did with the movie.  I don’t think this reflects poorly on the book, though.  It’s more likely simply because of the stage of my life at which I found it.

There will be more of these to come.  In the meantime, I’d love to hear about what inspires you!


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