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We all grew up with children’s writers who are now considered classic:  Dr. Suess, and PD Eastman, and Stan and Jan Berenstein for example.  They are among our first exposure to the world of written words.  Not only do they help encourage a love of reading, but they also touch us, amuse us and teach us.  And through it all, they add their little bit to forming the people we will become.

With my children, I can see all this taking place and marvel.  Not only do these books inspire and teach and entertain children, but they entertain parents as well.

There are a couple of new authors (new compared to Suess, that is) that I love.  Sandra Boynton’s books are for the youngest crowd.  With just a few words her sometimes goofy humor engages everyone who reads them.  There are more than a few of her books that I’ve learned by heart.

As my kids grew a little older, Mo Willems quickly became a favorite, whether Pigeon, Elephant and Piggie, or Knuffle Bunny, Mr. Willems show not only his wit, but also his devotion to his own daughter – Trixie – who appears in several of his books.

If you’re a parent, and haven’t read some of these books to your kids, I highly recommend a trip to your local library.  I promise that you’ll enjoy them as much as your kids.  Both of these authors are good for laughs.  If you’re looking for a tear-jerker (for you, not the kids) you’ll have to read Knuffle Bunny Free, but be sure to read the first two installments first to get the full effect.



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