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Monthly Archives: September 2012

The final review process for my latest novel, Peripheral, went more smoothly than I anticipated.  As a result, it will be available for purchase as an e-book in the next day or so.  The print version won’t be far behind.  If you’re looking for a quick Halloween read that isn’t terribly scary, I’d recommend checking this book out!


“When Jim and Emma meet late one night, instead of a romantic rendezvous they are confronted by strange sights.  Shadows seen at the edge of sight turn into men who stalk them.  No one else, even Abby, Emma’s twin sister, can see them.  Are they ghosts, illusion, or something else?

When Emma disappears, Jim must search for answers, with the help of an emotionally fragile Abby.

Sometimes the answers we seek aren’t hidden in the shadows.  Sometimes, although they are in plain sight, they remain peripheral.”


“The irony of all existance is that ‘Good’ would be totally impotent without the contrast of ‘Evil’.”

From The Flight of Dragons. 

I wanted to give everyone a couple quick updates.

First: Disenchanted is again available across various digital media outlets (rather than just Amazon).

Second: My next novel, Peripheral, is nearing completion.  I’m anticipating that it will be released in mid-October.  I’ll confirm the date once we get closer.