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Monthly Archives: December 2012

So once again, we’ve reached the “End of the World”.  I doubt there are too many people out there who thought something would actually happen to end human life or civilization, but there it is.  A prediction made global headlines for weeks, and we’ve all enjoyed jokes about not bothering to shop for Christmas.

For some people, though, today will be the end of their world.  Someone’s brother or father, spouse or child will pass away.  Someone will be fired from their dream job.  How painful the irony must be for those people.  The world may not be ending, but their worlds are. 

I could talk about how poignant moments like this are fodder for writers, but I won’t today.  Out of respect for those whose worlds are ending today.  Instead, I’ll simply wish everyone Happy Holidays – whichever holiday you are celebrating.


“Who said life is fair?  Life isn’t always fair.  Where is that written?” The Princess Bride (movie)

There are people, every now and then, who remind us that life isn’t always fair.  People who, if life was fair, would never have anything bad happen to them, but they suffer.   Such is the case of one of my aunts, who passed away yesterday morning after (if I’m remembering right) a 2-year battle with cancer.  And this battle followed her divorce, which I’ll just say was justified.

As I struggle with this loss, I keep coming back to the same two ides:  1) Appreciate the blessings you’ve been given, not many of us deserve them.  2) Make use of the time you have.  You never know when your clock will stop.