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As I write this, A Memory of Light currently has only 2 1/2 stars on Amazon’s website.  While this might have been an indication that the long-awaited book hasn’t lived up to expectations – that’s not the case.   The reviews (by and large) either give 1 star or 5.  5 stars for those who have loved the book . . . 1 star from those who are griping that it isn’t available as an e-book yet.  Seriously?  What does that have to do with the quality of the book?  This seems terribly petty to me.

I understand that, for those who prefer e-books, this is another frustrating delay, and I can’t say that I agree with Tor for making you wait longer for it (although perhaps there are good reasons).  But giving a (presumably) good book that you are excited about bad reviews is, frankly, childish.

There are some reviews who claim that everyone’s reading e-books, so Tor’s either not going to get any sales or just doesn’t understand their consumer.  Let me point out:  Most Wheel of Time fans have been reading the series since long before e-readers were around (First WoT book=1990 [23 years ago], First e-reader = 2007 [5 1/2 years ago]).  And for the time being paper book sales still far outweigh e-book sales.


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