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Monthly Archives: February 2013

The Wheel of Time turns, and ages come and pass.

After a month and a half of reading, I’ve finally finished A Memory of Light, the final volume of the Wheel of Time. This is actually rather faster than I had expected, with my other commitments.

And it was worth every page I read, every hour I spent.

It was GOOD.  I’ll say that I think there are things that would have been better, had the late Robert Jordan completed the final volumes himself.  But I also have a suspicion that it would have been longer.  And, God help me, after reading the series for more than half my life with a nearly thousand pages to the final volume – I wanted it to be longer.

My biggest specific criticism – the only one I have really – is that there were a couple of things that seemed rushed.  This didn’t detract greatly from the overall work, but after the immense detail that has gone into this work over the last 2+ decades, I was surprised that anything was glossed over.

In general however, I believe that fans of the series will enjoy this book.  It lived up to its potential as the climax of (perhaps) the greatest fantasy series ever.