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There are two movies this summer which I’m looking forward to seeing.  Star Trek:Into Darkness and The Man of Steel.  In both cases, they refer to movie franchises that I adored growing up.  Neither is exactly part of the series – a new timeline for Star Trek and a “reboot” for Superman – but both carry a legacy to live up to.  The other tie for them is that they both will resurrect a villain seen in the early ’80’s.

In the case of the Man of Steel, this is General Zod.  In the Christopher Reeves led series of the 70’s and 80’s, he was the best foil (imho) Superman met.  He was intelligent and cunning like Lex Luthor, but also as powerful as Superman himself.  My admiration of the classic superhero would make me see this movie in any case, and a strong villain is icing on the cake.

For Star Trek: Into Darkness, we are relying on the rumor that the villain is non other than Khaan, whose wrath in the 1982 film that carried his name destroyed the Enterprise.  This was driven by vengeance, of course, over the meeting of the Enterprise with his ship in the 1960’s TV show (In the episode “The Space Seed”) which stranded Khaan on a barren planet.  In a new timeline, though, Khaan and Kirk would not necessarily have faced each other, meaning that Khaan could carefully devise a conquest of Earth . . . And the possibilities grow from there.  As an old Trekkie, I can hardly wait.


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