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On Thursday night I introduced my oldest daughter to The Princess Bride.  This followed the pattern of almost every new movie she’s seen since she was two – which was five years ago now!

I suggested that we watch a movie.  “Hurray,” she says.  “Let’s watch [whatever her current favorite is].”

“No,” I say, “Let’s watch a ‘new’ movie – something that I’m sure you’ll like, but you haven’t seen it before.”  This is followed by much complaining and arguing, where I’m told how she won’t like it at all.

When I get tired of trying to convince her rationally, I tell her, “I don’t care, we’re watching the movie I say!”

The movie starts, and she goes off to pout on the stairs.  After a few minutes, I find her and tell her that I’m trying to do something special with her.  She grudgingly follows me back to the living room and cuddles on my lap, resigned to watching this terrible movie.

After two minutes of watching she’s rapt.  By the time the movie is over, it’s the BEST MOVIE EVER.  Now, she’s begging to watch it, and constantly quoting it, particularly the bit about “inconceivable”.

So I chuckle to myself, knowing that we’ll do this all over again in another month or two, when I decide it’s time for her to watch another “new” movie.



  1. She is correct. It is (one of) the best movies ever. This is a movie every generation should memorize. Also, it is the perfect ‘staying home sick’ movie.

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