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Monthly Archives: March 2014

I know this is far from a novel observation – but it’s quite ironic that Disney released Frozen in a year that (for those of use in the Eastern half of the US) has been one of the coldest, snowiest on record.  I’ve heard that Michigan, where I live, has been among the hardest hit when compared to our typical winter.  I confess I’m not sure what they used to decide that, though.

I was convinced to take my older two daughters (4 and 7) to see Frozen twice.  And by the soundtrack – which they proceeded to memorize.  So now the songs have been perpetually stuck in my head for about 2 months.  And of course, the DVD will arrive as soon as it’s been released.

The good news is that I enjoyed this movie.  I enjoyed it quite a bit, actually, and I’d venture to say that it’s one of Disney’s best efforts.  I wouldn’t say it’s the best, but  in my opinion it is one of their best efforts – ever.   The movie includes some pretty decent songs – which are a little too catchy, as I mentioned above.  The plot isn’t entirely unpredictable (hey, this is Disney after all), but there’s a significant plot twist which puts some thematic distance between this movie and its predecessors.


What most strikes me about this movie, though, is the (for lack of a better word) heart.  The sacrifices that the two sisters – Anna and Elsa (the one “cursed” with winter magic) – make for each other touched me deeply.  One of the early scenes – and first catchy song –  has Anna pleading with Elsa to play with her.  Elsa can’t – for fear of hurting her younger sister with her uncontrolled power.  Doubtless, part of the reason this scene struck me as much as it did, was the presence of my own young daughters.  My heart broke for this young girls, who want nothing more than to be carefree playmates – but cannot.

If you’re a Disney fan, you’ll like this movie.  If you’re not a Disney fan . . . You’ll probably still like this movie.