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Most of the posts I’ve made so far have revolved around entertainment, and specifically writing and story creation.

This post won’t.

A few years ago, I started working for a joint venture.  We’ll call the parent companies “Mom” and “Dad” (for those of you not in the business world, marriage is a pretty good analogy for joint ventures).  I am an employee of “Dad”, and work on a “Dad” site.  A little over a year ago, “Mom” and “Dad” got a divorce, with “Mom” getting custody.  But I still live with “Dad”.  Wait, maybe that’s taking the analogy too far:  “Mom” bought out “Dad”‘s share of the joint venture, but we continue to have ongoing operations at the “Dad” site, where I continue to work.

There’s been a lot of speculation about how long this situation will last.  The products we make at the “Dad” site can all be made elsewhere (and there is active work to do so).  In some cases, their volumes are also declining, and are expected to phase out over the next few years.  If they do cease operations at “Dad’s” site, where does that leave me.  “Mom” is 2000 miles away, so even if they offer relocation, I don’t think I’d take it.

Adding to all this is a rumor that the “Dad” site I work at will be acquired by another company.  There have been some changes lately that could support the rumor:  changes in organizational structure, and an announcement that our pay periods will change, in particular.  Could these be an indication of absolutely nothing?  Sure.  But they could also be preliminary indications that there are big changes on the horizon.

Here’s hoping my family and I can navigate whatever changes are heading our way.


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